R1SoftLicenses is changing its name to CDPLicenses, we are still an authorized R1Soft Partner offering the same licenses and services as before.

Peace of Mind
Data Protection.

With built in encryption and data verification, alongside the ability to replicate data off site to Amazon's Glacier you can guarantee your backups are not only secure but safe.

High-Performance Backups

Backing up at the block level instead of file level allows for replications to be made with minimal impact to the host system. Gone are the days of off-peak backups and system interruptions. Backup your production servers without fear of performance degradation.

Easy Administration

The administrative web interface allows for quick and easy configuration of all your backup servers. Whether you're backing up 1 or 1,000 servers, all relevant information is available right on the R1Soft dashboard.

Industrial Capacity

Move, copy, and expand your storage options with the easy to use administrative interface. Using its patented disk safe technology R1Soft supports volumes up to 64TB in size.

Multi-Point Replication

Completely automate your backup operations both onsite and offsite. Using R1Soft's multi-point replication technology you can make your backups redundant by backing up to another R1Soft manager, another backup system, or even Amazon's Glacier Storage.

MySQL True Granular &
Database Backups

Guarantee the integrity of your database backups with R1Soft. The agent interfaces directly with your database server to ensure all data is flushed to disk, no more partial backups or data lost in memory.

Our membership within the R1Soft Hosting Partner Program (R1HPP) allows for dramatic savings in licensing costs, which we pass onto our customers.